Happy 65th Birthday, SFPCU!

Thank you to each and every one of our members who have helped us grow over the past decades. Thank you for being a member and for taking this memorable journey with us.

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We were founded with the goal of providing financial solutions for our law enforcement community - so whether you're saving for a new car or hoping to buy your first home (or maybe a second home!) or need help with paying for college, we want to hear about yoru financial goals for the future or past successes.

65 Get $65

Let the celebration continue! As a token of our appreciation, we are raffling off $65 anniversary bonuses over the next three months*!

Our raffle winners will be chosen at the end of each month from February to April.
And every member will receive an automatic entry.

Want an additional entry?

It's easy! Just share your #Growgoal using the submission form below.

Birthday Celebration

#Growgoals Stories

What's a #Growgoal?

They are your financial goals for the future and your past successes - whether you're saving for a new car, or hoping to buy your first home, SFPCU is here to help you achieve all your goals.


Trying to put more away in my savings in 2019.

V. G.


I'm excited to start enjoying some of my savings this 2019!

Vikki G.


My #GrowGoal is to save for retirement.

Raymond W.


My #GrowGoal is to clear my unsecured credit card debt so I can save for traveling the world.

Raymond W.


My #GrowGoal is to gave enough funds and diversity to be comfortable in retirement.

Michelle D.


Taking on a part time job in 2019 to fund for a trip to Bali!

B Garrett


Meet Shamina Khan at a conference she was great and explained the programs that SFPCU had to offer!

Palatavake Helu


Was fortunate enough to retire early and now I look forward to a long relationship with SFPCU in my retirement. Have started to ladder my savings into CD's.

Michael R.


I'd like to save money to buy some new furniture for my young daughter as she has outgrown the furniture she has.

Heather I.


One of my 2019 goals is to save for a new cat!

Vicki G.


Before the SF Police Credit Union the officers cashed paychecks at a Mohawk Gas Station on the corner of Oak and Franklin Street in San Francisco.

Dana P.


My goal is to pay my remaining mortgage sooner rather than later.

Debbie Y.


My #Growgoal is to save up and buy a new car!

Michael D.


Thanks for being with and being part of our extended families. For four generations now, and spanning the whole 65 years. Wow!

John T.


One of my goals for 2019 is to add to my IRA



Thank you SFPCU for helping me achieve my financial goals.

Vicki G


Goal for 2019-travel more

Vicki G


Thanks to SFPCU we have bought a home, bought a couple cars and used an equity line of credit for a remodel. Love our credit union!!

Brooke L


I wish I had started saving earlier in life but better late than never!

Vikki G.


I have bought three cars, and have had my kitchen remodeled and also helped my daughter get a house all with the help of the SFPCU.

Joyce F.


My goal is to put more money in my vacation fund.

Vicki G.


SFPCU is part of my every day! My #growgoal is to be debt free. SFPCU has helped me to devise the right plan to succeed at my goal.

Tarra Boggs


To win $65 would be a First Win of any money for this old retired Firefighter and a deposit would keep my account active.

Royce D.


Eliminate debt and increase savings :)

Carey R.


My father immigrated from Denmark before I was born. We are saving money to bring our kids to Denmark for the first time to visit their cousins.

Anna J.


#Growgoals Rebuilding the household emergency fund after a major kitchen remodel. Hard to believe I've already been an SFPCU member for 44 yrs!

Colm Q.


I am saving for my retirement which is within the next 10 years and I hope to do more traveling especially overseas when I retire.

Diane S.


Happy 65th SFPCU!!! My goal is to save up to purchase a home by the end of this year!

Kristine L.


SFPCU helped me to get an equity line of credit to make improvements on my home. My goal is to pay it off.

Nancy C.


Diversify my finances

Allen C.


Saving for a down payment for my daughter to buy her own place.

Michael G.


As a stay at home mother of 2 boys, now late teenagers, I always felt bad that I wasn't contributing financially.

Christine P.


This would be a start of my saving for my newborn granddaughter's college tuition!

Elaine F.


Saving money to buy nice birthday and Christmas gifts for the family.

George R.


SFPCU has helped me consolidate debt, and also is a great place to keep your savings.

Luis B.


I am trying to save money to send my children to college!

Crystal H.


Right now I am saving up to persue my college education! I am working full time as well, but an extra $65 is a college text book!

Rebecca H.


I want to save for my education!

Brianna H.


I signed up for my SFPCU membership when I was at the Police Academy. Since then I've been able to buy my first home and added my husband to my family.

Justin W.


I opened my acct with your institution to help me reduce my debt. The $65 would be another step to my financial freedom.

Blanca L.


Nice to have dreams come true for all

Victoria T.


As a new member of the SFPCU, my husband and I are very proud to be part of this growing company. Our goal is to invite our children to join us!

Teresita A.


I plan to retire in 2020, so my goal is to pay off all my bills in the next 6 months, then I will be able to allow my savings to grow!

Lisa F.


I got engaged on Christmas Eve to a wonderful man. I've never been married because I was waiting for "the one". I've found him & am saving 4 a wedding

Karen P.


The best and only bank I'll ever use. My sisters regret not joining sooner. I've been with it for 10 years so lets shoot for another 65 more!!

Sarah H.


Birthday dollars are the best kind of dollars! Save some, spend some, treats for everyone! Paying it forward. #Growgoals

Sharon Y.


SFPCU has managed to keep me on top of my financial expenses and actually save money over the years (which is difficult to do as a college student).

Monique D.


I joined the San Francisco Police in 1958 and I borrowed $500.00 from the SF Police Credit Union located behind Park Station. Money for uniform etc.

Homer H.


SFPCU helps me diversify my funds.

Allen C.


At age 16, SFPCU financed my first car, a 1967 Chevy Camaro RS. I've had awesome credit ever since!

Debbie S.


My parents co-signed on my very first auto loan from the SFPCU in 1980. I've had awesome credit ever since!

Debbie S.


Being on one income while my husband is in nursing school, $65 will help us tremendously. We'll be able to save it for IVF to have our baby someday.

Victoria M.


I hope to be diligent with my savings and allow it to grow in 2019.

Daniel K.


Been a member since 1981, was able to buy several cars now I'm buying a new home. Thank you SFPCU for having my back.

Paula F.


$65.00 it's not a lot of money but it would make me feel like a millionaire. Thus I would be that much closer to my goal.

Gary F.


I hope to be diligent with my savings and allow it to grow in 2019.

Daniel K.


Saving for current and future educational expenses for our daughter as well as trying to save to maybe purchase property one day.

Caitlin G.


SFPCU has helped us consolidate our debts #growgoals

Sharon Y.


I hope to reach my #GrowthGoal to own my own home by this time next year. I will focus on retirement through paying mortgage not renting!

Cassidy P.


My #Growgoals is to buy a house in the East Bay and use that home as a 'Role Model"to conduct Permaculture Workshops in the living room & backyard.

Janet P.


I am a mother of twin 5yr olds. SFPCU has helped me to realize how many resources are out there for college funding and how important it is to start

Jennifer S.


Saving for a trip I put money in and will not take it out until I have $2,500 in my account

Brenda L.


Saving for emergency only money that is very liquid, quick to access in a real emergency.

Mary D.


Happy BDay SFPCU! I'm 65 this year too. I want my own home. Impossible fantasy in the Bay Area? Definitely! But I'm going to save for it anyway.

Louisa J.


I am hoping to save money to pay for children's father medical and funeral expenses.

Chanelle W.


SFPCU was my introduction to Credit Unions. CUs offer higher interest rates on savings accounts and CDs, and lower interest rates on loans.

Roberto L.


I joined SFPCU for 10 years and found it is the best credit union in the Bay Area. The staff are help and most banking can be done by a phone call.

Qi C.


I love to travel with SFPCU ATM card. They reimburse transaction fee, no foreign transaction fee and good exchange rates!

William H.


My #Growgoal is to purchase my first home in 2019 by August.

Paula F.


Saving to buy a home in the Bay Area.

Vincent A.


I am hoping to use the money to help grow my business.

Margaret R.


I am hoping to save money to pay for my kids' colleges one day.

Patrick R.


My #growgoal is to be able to make the maximum contributions to my IRA each year.

Jane S.


SFPCU has helped my life with great rates on different financial products for my family!

Ivan G.


My goal is to continue to be more responsible with my money and spend it on frivolous things that only give me a temp. joy.

Caitlin Jasmine Solla E.


Save money for a vacation!

Tricia L.


My #growgoal is to become financially independent so that I can move out!

Marjorie M.


I will donate the money to a local sports org. in an effort to purchase new equipment for the youth!

Jason Z.


The future is unknown. It is better to put some away when you have it for the13 day that you may need it.

Sean K.


My #Growgoal is to have my savings account be an Emergency Fund.

Geri L.


Today marks my one year wedding anniversary and I hope to purchase a home in the next year.

Clifton H.


This spring I will pay cash from my special savings for my small camping trailer and travel the U.S. and Canada.

Bill D.


I'm trying to buy a home for my granddaughter and me.

Charles H.


I am using the holiday fund because at the end of the year, I want to treat them to a nice lunch for all of their hard work.

Ramona G.


We want to save money to purchase our 1st home in less than 5y and also a newer car next year. We need these for our baby!

Jennifer R.


I saving to help my 3 children pay for their College ed. and my retirement I hope they finish college before I am retired

Daniel M.


My #GrowGoal is to save for a second honeymoon, so that we can celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary in the Greek Isles!

Cynthia I.


My #Growgoals is to save up enough money to take care and give back to my parents when they retire.

Willis F.


Hoping to use the money towards my Dad's Bday present!

Carlos D.


My # grow goal is to save enough money; I want to be rescue and adopt overseas abandoned dogs and puppies someday.

Joe Z.


I am saving money to be able to afford my education throughout nursing school.

Alison H.


I want to put enough money away when I'm young to have a nice retirement!

Nicola M.


I am hoping to be able to payoff my home before retirement.



#Growgoal is to save, save, save for retirement and beyond!

Rae M.


My son was accepted into his first choice college and even with a partial scholarship we need to save for the next 3 years (and our 2 other kids)

Julie C.


I'm hoping to help my disabled daughter and her new husband rent their first apartment.

Julie S.


I hope to use the money for a nice pair of shoes.

Alvaro A.


My wife gave birth to our first New Years Day! Any help on diapers is always a blessing!

Joseph D.


I love my SFPCU! The interest rates for CDs are really high compared to other financial institutions. SFPCU CDs are helping me save!!!

Ean T.


SFPolice gives me and all First Responders a financial home we can feel safe in and trust 100%

Sophia G.


SFPCU has helped me with financial goals.

Darias W.


I bank with SFPCU to pay for my education. I am in a masters program so that I may become a nurse manager and give back by teaching

Christina H.


I would use the $65 to add to our Japan Fund so my husband can take his Mom's ashes to Japan (where she's from).

Susan F.


I am hoping to save money to purchase my first home!

Tenisha W.


Get my little family into a newer house. Thanks SF Credit Union.

Eric S.


I would like to donate it to BALEAF a great cause...

Lorraine L.


Would love to help my account grow by helping my two girls attend a 4 year college and be the first in the family to do so.

Kelly M.


It's always a reward to save for a special goal. My goal this year is to help contribute to my son's wedding later this year. Let's celebrate!!!

Rae E.


SFPCU has provided a way for me to put aside an emergency fund that I can easily access with convenient locations!

Melinda L.


At age 16, SFPCU financed my first car, a new 78' Chevy Chevette. I paid $76 a month. Now, at age 55, I would like to buy a tiny house.

Karen O.


I am hoping to use the money towards finishing my college degree, I am half way through my program.

Justin L.


I want to save up money for my kids collage funds

Sonia Y.


Saving to make a move down south

Debbie G.


Hoping to buy a reliable new car. I have never owned a "workable" and new car. Can't wait to achieve :)

Roxana A.


My #Growgoal is to be able to pay for a huge part of my twins college education! I love being a member of the San Francisco Police Credit Union.

Florence B.


Another step towards funding my retirement in the bay area is one of my #growthgoals

Vicki Z.

We Want to Hear Your #Growgoals

We know you have a story that will inspire and uplift, and we'd love you to share your story with us and other members. How has SFPCU changed your life?

Submit your story by April 31st, 2019 for your chance to win $65.

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